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RadioJays Big Show!

A classic Simulator Radio show.

Once a week on Friday, Saturday or Sunday 10am- 1pm. Check the schedule for weekly information!
RadioJays Big Show has launched with lots of brand new features. The Triple Play- gives you a chance to take over Simulator Radio becoming the DJ on air, choosing your top three songs. Old Or New- this is a song battle between two different versions of the same song... but which will win? You decide! The Mashup- RadioJays brand new competiton, giving you your chance to win a £20 steam voucher! Can you correctly guess all 6 artists/songs in The Mashup? Featured Streamer- RadioJay speaks to a different streamer each week, finding out more about them and their streaming community. Community Spotlight- A rundown of the following weeks charity/ community events happening on ETS2/ATS etc.

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