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Where will we drive to next? (ETS2 Theory)

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Where will we drive to next? (ETS2 Theory)

Discord Moderator & Writer Doba - Ispoon

    Since 2013, the map of Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been getting upgraded with DLCs that have made our experience of realistic trucking wider and more open-world alike. At the end of every single year (except 2014 *weird face*) we have gotten a fresh map DLC, making us extend to territories like Russia, Italy, Hungary, Southwest France and many more. However, Europe is a big continent and there are plenty of places that we could expand to! What's next, which country will our Scania's, Volvo's and other trucks step into next?

        Fans of every video game are known to make fan theories and conspiracies of what may come next to their favorite free time occupation. As such, fans of ETS2 have made plenty of theories and conspiracies regarding the next coming map DLC expansion. Some of those theories are complete nonsense (please do not expect Japan in ETS2 ...) and of course won't be covered, but some are real logic and facts that can help us assume the next coming DLC :) ! So far it has been logical the country that is going to be added is bordering with at least one country that is already present in the game.  Sorry Turkish players, but your time hasn't come yet ;) ! After hours of research I've narrowed it all down to 3 possible options by possibility.

    The first option is Iberia. The Iberian Peninsula is located directly south of France and houses 2 countries (+1 micro state). That would be Spain & Portugal (+Andorra). This would be very possible, as we would be able to enter it from Southern France (which we can visit from the 'Viva La France' DLC) or perhaps taking a boat from some Italian city ('Italia' DLC). Although this would be great, it just isn't coming to us. At least not yet! One of the developers of SCS on an interview last year has said the following: "Iberia is a big thing, but don't expect it after 'Beyond the Baltic Sea', as we have something much bigger planned for then." Although maybe disappointing at first, take a second look at it - "... something much bigger planned for then." This can mean only 2 options!

    Now that we got Iberia out of the research facility, also known as my room, we can focus on the big players. And we got 2 of them. The 1st option is kind of sarcastically "Going East East", or actually an 'Eastern European-Block Expansion'. This would include Ukraine, Belarus, the rest of European Russia and perhaps even Romania and Moldova. Although this is interesting, most certainly a big expansion, there is one key problem. We've just had an expansion focused on eastern countries. By making the next map DLC focus on Ukraine, Belarus and the rest of European Russia we would practically get something very similar to what we've already been driving through the last year. Although it would be cool, I certainly think it isn't what's coming next and it just needs a little bit of time until it's the right time to get it.

    The most likely option is "The Balkan Peninsula" expansion. It perfectly fits the description "... something much bigger... " as it includes 10 countries. Republics of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, (Kosovo), Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Perhaps it would be a little too much for one expansion. But it most certainly sets the right foot onto the "... something much bigger ..." territory. However, as with every theory, this one has a problem too. And that problems lays in a very very very hard nest - politics. How will Macedonia be named? (They are in a name changing process and a several year on going dispute about it with Greece.) What about Kosovo, will it be a country or not? (Kosovo set independence in 2008. making itself free and not anymore an autonomous province of Serbia.) These are all very hard topics that SCS would have to even start thinking of when it comes to "The Balkan Peninsula" as an expansion, and trust me, there is many more. 

    There are plenty of options for this, but if you ask me (Discord Moderator & Writer Doba - Ispoon) personally, I'd go with "The Balkan Peninsula" theory as I think it looks like the one that makes the most sense. Do you think different than I do? Do you perhaps have some other theory I've maybe missed? Feel free to let me know down it the comments below. There is a reason why our great developer Felikx integrated them here :D !

Yours sincerely,

Doba, aka. Ispoon


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squid_biscuit - 02 Mar 2019 17:01
I think the next map dlc will also be the Balkan Peninsula since it is the last area directly touching the base map. Any other area you'd have to get a different dlc as well with the current 1.34 base map. and the thing about Kosovo, they've already made the borders for all countries shown in the map. Great article, Doba
Doba - 02 Mar 2019 17:03
Oooh! I’ve missed that part with Kosovo borders already able to be seen. Great point Squid, thanks for the comment =) !
Ollie - 26 Feb 2019 21:54
Nice article, Doba.
Doba - 27 Feb 2019 18:38
Thank you Ollie, I am glad that you enjoy it =) !
StormShadow - 24 Feb 2019 12:49
Oh I wish they made the Balkan peninsula... then I could drive through Slovenia without promods :)
Doba - 24 Feb 2019 12:50
If they do add Slovenia I hope Ljubljana will have Club Palatium?! :thinking:
StormShadow - 24 Feb 2019 12:57
If they do add Ljubljana it will probably be just a single street, judging by their aspect ratio! :D
Jack - 02 Mar 2019 18:45

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