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We are Simulator Radio, pleasure to make your acquaintance! We are a fully licensed online radio station with 24 hours of music every day, run by a passionate team of admins with a strong team of developers, discord moderators and djs behind them and we’re all united by one passion: music. 

We love music. We love games. We love adventure. We love trying new things, and this is it. That’s what you’re looking at right now. Starting today, we’re going to provide you updates here on the website. News from within the Simulator Radio community, important news in the entertainment/music industry and news about gaming. We also will have guest bloggers. You never know what you’re going to get! See it as an extension to our radio making!

We are all volunteers and we’re relying on your help to keep us going. You can donate through paypal here, and, if you so desire, sign up to be a Patreon!

We’re also constantly looking for new DJ’s, and you can read the application form here. Don’t forget to fill it out!

And, lastly, for this new exciting feature on our website, we need more writers! You can apply for that here.

We are also everywhere on the web! Check us out!




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And of course, you can join our discord by clicking right here to chat with listeners and our amazing team!

We’re looking forward to bring you more entertainment!


Simulator Radio.


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