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Twitch community news, faster than expected!

A news article.

It was September 27th 2018... a dark puddle emerged from the purple depts of Twitch... the swamp swallowed up the communities and gave us tags in return... What a nightmare!



No panic!

Have no fear, Simulator Radio has your back!

Here at Simulator Radio we were PROUD of our community and we always worked hard to make it grow and available for everyone. We made some good friends, enjoyed good tunes and everyone knew each other's name...

We had a temporary solution in place, but our amazing dev Felikx worked wonders and... we're proud to present a more permanent solution...


EVERYONE in our community who goes live, that's our partnered streamers, but also non-partnered streamers, will appear on this page when they go live. There's a whole list you can see who's a member and... if you want to join this awesome page, just contact Buggy on discord! 


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