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A news article.

So, what did you miss in the last week in Simulator news?

Maybe people already know this, but I just discovered this fun news: Flight Simulator will get a release this fall. In this game, you’re not a pilot but a passenger! I mean, that’s pretty cool, right?

It was a party of SCS Software updates and announcements this week.

Trailer Ownership! A part of Germany revamped!

It’s Midweek Madness and Train Simulator is 65% percent off.

Farming Simulator 19 Brand Spotlight: Komatsu Forest 

Speaking of FS19, our very own DJ Bob and DJ Sundance had an interview with Martin, one of the PR and marketing managers over at Giants Software this past Sunday. We’re working hard on getting that uploaded for you so you can listen back to it!

Here’s a teaser:

Bob: (talking about birds) Yeah like more visually appealing. More realistic in a way? Even though it's simulator, it's a game. But lots of different categories of people want to play farming sim, like I am kind of a realistic player and I'd like to see the crop bending and not just disappearing or whatever but yeah, oh, I can't wait. Can we get an early release? When can we get an early release?

Sundance: *laughs*

Martin: Nah.

Sundance: Bob's ready. Bob's ready. I'm just making sure, the birds they aren't going to contribute to the fertilizer engine, right? The birds are just there, they're pretty, they sound good, it's a nice realistic touch but nothing comes out of them, right?

Martin: No.

Sundance: Okay, just making sure! I don't want to be sitting on my tractor and feel something on my shoulder. You know.

Martin: *laughs* No, no. They don't add anything actual to the game, apart from...

Sundance: Well, a lot. Environmentals is huge.

What games do you miss in this roundup? Let me know so I can include that news next time if there is any! You can find me, Buggy, online in discord!


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