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The Only Radio Station You Need For Your Radio Needs, Simulator Radio!

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Well what can I say about Simulator Radio..? Only that it is the best gaming community and radio channel that has ever existed! Simulator Radio is simply the best radio station as each DJ has their own take on their show so its never the same music, for example one DJ might play only club classics whereas another might play top 40 music, with a mix of listeners who will request their favourite songs throughout the day.

There is something about Simulator Radio that makes you feel apart of something, when you have days where you just need to unwind and relax, they are all there to chill out with, want someone to play games with? again you have this community, you make a whole range of new friends and they become to be your family.

I first heard about Simulator Radio about a year ago when I got Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Christmas, when I loaded the game up and saw as your driving along you can have your own music on I thought it was FANTASTIC! Since then I have not listened to anything else but this radio station, the music fits everyone, from those who like their pop to those who like their country.

Each DJ has, like mentioned above their own take on their shows, but not just in music sense, each DJ will do something different which makes them stand out from the rest. For example one DJ mentions about 'this day in 1988 this song came out' or another DJ mentions about the weather, so you can always expect different on each and every show.

Its funny, I remember the first time I messaged one of the DJs 'RadioJay' about the history of Simulator Radio and how it came about and how far and well known they have become, if you ever wanted to know more about the history of the radio, pop along to the website or just ask the DJs and they will be more than happy to tell you!

The main thing I like about Simulator Radio is that everyone who has different music preferences can listen and enjoy, you can request the songs you want to listen to, another good thing I think is amazing is that if you listen to a normal radio station you listen to a couple of songs then you have 5 minutes or adverts and then 5 minutes of the presenter talking, whereas with Simulator Radio there is none of that which makes it that little bit better, I mean don’t get me wrong there are adverts but they’re relevant to the station and when the presenters talk its personal to everyone.

Being apart of the Simulator Radio is the best thing which has happened to me, I feel like they are my second family. I mean there is no community stronger than a gaming community and honestly, this is the BEST radio station, the BEST community.

Simulator Radio has really changed my life,  I mean, I have a lot of issues, mentally and sometimes when I feel like I need to escape I can just join the Discord and I instantly feel welcomed and wanted, it is a great feeling to have.

I will recommend and do recommend this radio station to everyone and anyone, people at my work, family members etc. Simulator Radio is my second family.

Zombie, Out! 


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RichieD - 14 Jun 2019 17:35
Couldn't have put it better myself <3
Funny Foxo - 07 Apr 2019 07:35
Went straight into my heart ❤️ Great Article Zombie
Doba - 06 Apr 2019 19:35
Glad to see a new writer of ours make a great article. A nice text to read for sure! 😄
zombieapocalypse97 - 06 Apr 2019 20:06
Thank you so much!
Jamie254 - 06 Apr 2019 19:15
Such nice words and a great read nice one little Zombie :)
zombieapocalypse97 - 06 Apr 2019 20:06
Thank you!!!

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