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Simulator Radio couldn't be here providing you the best tunes without our loyal supporters. Donations and Patrons alike. We have server costs and our licensing fees that return every year and we simply can’t do it without all of YOU.

We’re thankful to everyone who’s generously parted ways with some of their money to help us stay on air, but, today it’s #thankyoupatrons day, so this is a love letter to all of you who help us out on a monthly basis!

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Dear Patrons,

Thank you for your continuous support and generosity that you give to us every single month. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to doing what we do; provide the best entertainment within the simulator game community.

Much love,


Let’s throw a party in the comment section!


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Davati - 20 Nov 2018 23:10
Woo ?

A big thank you to:

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