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SR Team Interviews: Doba - Ispoon!

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Interview O'clock

Hi! This is DJ Storm Shadow, I'm the host of the Mystical Monday Show, and its very new segment called "Team Interviews". This is where we take a closer look at one of our team members every week. The interview itself is divided into two separate parts: on air, and on the website. Due to time limitations, only 5 questions are answered on the show itself, but there are 20 other questions in the interview itself, which are always posted on our website.

Team Interviews are a fun way of getting to know all the people behind Simulator Radio, the people that help run this radio station day by day and that dedicate their time and effort into hosting shows or making sure everything stays how it's supposed to be. I hope that with this new feature, we will all have a bit of fun, but ultimately get to know each other better as a team as well.

Doba - Ispoon

What artist would we be surprised to find on your personal playlist?
Marcus and Martinus! ?

What’s your guilty pleasure song?
*CAN WE REMOVE THIS QUESTION, I DON’T HAVE ONE!!! ?* Note: I left it in Doba. #NoRegrets

What made you want to become a moderator?
Listening to SR for years and seeing the community grow, I always wanted to be a bigger contributor towards it. Being as I am not able to DJ, the moderator job is perfect for me, I am like a cop at SR :P !

If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why?
John Legend - All of me. One of the rare songs that I love to sing.

What’s the one track that never gets old for you?
Out of english songs: Anne Marie - 2002, the year when I was born. Will never get old. Out of Croatian songs: Stoka - Moja cura ima dečka ; one of the first rap songs I ever heard.

Name one song that got popular but you can’t stand?
PSY - Gangnam Style back in 2012 I think… or any modern “YouTuber Drama Diss-track”!

If your five-year-old self suddenly found themselves in your body, what would they do first? 
Buy a train ticket to Zagreb so that he can go eat KFC & Burger King. (As in Croatia those only exist in Zagreb which is around 300 kilometers away from me.)

Favourite flavor of ice cream?
Menthol / something along the lines of British “After 8” chocolate.

Favourite meal?
Sarma :)

Most beautiful place you’ve been to? (We’d love a pic if you have one!)
Ohrid, FYR Macedonia; which I had visited as a part of a school trip. 

Pizza, pineapple or no pineapple? 
Sure, I enjoy Hawaiian Pizza.

Dogs or cats? Do you have any pets? (We’d love a pic!)
I did have a cat before, but it died in a sad way. Currently not, although I’d love to get one to start breaking stuff around the house :P ! I sadly can’t handle dogs as I am extremely frightened by them.

Youtube or twitch?

Operating systems - PC/Mac, iOS/Android?
Technically all. I have an Acer V17 Nitro Black Edition (Windows) for gaming, but also a Macbook Air with an Apple Cinema Monitor for work. For my phone I have a Galaxy A5, but as my contract is coming to an end I’d like to perhaps try an iPhone for the first time in life. *will upload a pic of setup these days when I clean it up*

Seaside or mountains? Elaborate? 
TBH I loved the mountains in Greece, sea doesn’t sound that special to me as I live in a country with a HUGE seacoast and very warm and clear sea with tons of islands :) !

Favourite sport to play/watch? 
None, *ouch* :P ! ESPORT!? Jokes on you, hehehe, I like to watch soccer but only when Croatian National Representation plays.

Favourite color? 
Yellow or I also enjoy Matt Black if you consider that a colour lol.

Favourite drink? 
Hmm, I’d say Dr. Pepper, we don’t have it in Croatia, I tried it in England and loved it.

TV shows or movies?
TV Shows.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?
Clare, did you write this question?! :P
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Jack - 31 Oct 2018 21:37
How dare he!
Doba - 31 Oct 2018 21:37
@StormShadow, you left the guilty pleasure song question in?! How dare you :P !!
Felikx - 31 Oct 2018 21:38
Jack - 31 Oct 2018 21:38
oof I forgot this was a thing xD

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