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Simulator Radio presents... A guest blog by KJ Husson!

A news article.

KJ Husson is a twitch streamer and he plays at where he streams Farming Simulator 17. He's a member of International Gamers and has his own community called The World of Farming. He's also an Approved Streamer at Simulator Radio. We always enjoy watching his streams, his stories are great, his knowledge about farming extensive and his knowledge about music is something to be in awe of!

We're very lucky that he agreed to do a guest blog for us!


G'day Folks, I was recently asked by one of the awesome DJ's at Simulator Radio to come up with perhaps an article for the Sim Radio website, well after a bit of thinking, I figured I would start with why I started streaming, and to be completely honest, it was really the ads of sim radio that got me started.

I have played a few games over the years, I can even remember getting an Atari 2600 for Christmas one year many many many moons ago and I was utterly useless at it. I couldn't get to grips with the controllers and all though the desire to try and get better at the games, my younger brothers always would beat me, oh well, besides, when I was growing up, the only ever thing I wanted to do was to be a farmer was totally obsessed with tractors, machinery, and animals.

Later on in life, fast forwarding to the early nineties, we bought pcs and Nintendos and thoroughly enjoyed many late evenings trying to better our lap times on Super Mario, and tinkered with a few first-person shooters. I think the first online game I played was Alien Vs. Predator, then onwards to Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament and then Frontline Fuel of War, of course, did a few rounds on Call of Duty.

I did, at one stage, become hooked on that online game Evony which I had a love-hate relationship with, after a few years on being off and on on this game wanted to look at something new. This is where I kinda started to look at simulator games. I tried the Facebook game farming sim which was kinda cool, very very basic though, had a look around and found Giants with a stunning looking farming game from there I was hooked. Finally I could use some of my farming knowledge in this game! After purchasing this game it didn't take long before I was completely hooked, started on Farming Sim 15 on a map called Bjornholm and built up quite a nice farm there. Then of course Farming Sim 17 arrived and this was a next level for me because the Modding community almost exploded with the amount of options that gave this game, not that I hoard masses of mods......

Now within FS17, there is a radio option, where you have some kinda cool tunes on a loop and a few online radio stations, and the one that took me by surprise was Simulator Radio. 

Great DJ's and great music. I noticed that they were advertising streamers on Twitch, I did know about twitch from friends but didn't know how to really get set up for streaming, so I bought some very budget gear and pushed the magic broadcast button and viola ended up streaming.

After a short time streaming, I was introduced to the International Gamers. Awww man what an awesome group of guys there! Their support and help have got me to where I am now. I'm not a big streamer and I do my farming, and they support me all the way. A huge thumbs up to all the team there especially TroublesomeJon and the managers team you guys know who u are!

After many requests to Sim Radio I also started to get to know the DJ's especially RadioJay, this guy is the most awesome guy I think I have met his support and encouragement to get started was awesome, and through Jay got to know some other DJ's and when I became a bit more popular on twitch glad to have met a lot more of the great team there. Big Shout out to Rick, DJ Bob and Buggy who all drop in to my channel from time to time and continue to support me.

You see, for me getting out there in the communities is a vital part of growing, not just for me but for everyone else as well. If I can help Sim Radio and other communities grow by tuning in and support them then we all grow.

I don't think half the streamers out there know how lucky we are to have such dedicated folks that are around to be supportive and give shoutouts and requests. I always consider it a privilege for any of the DJ's to drop in and say Hi.

So that's kinda about it really a quick insight into my streaming, thanks for reading

KJ - The world of Farming


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RadioJay - 23 Oct 2018 18:11
Thanks for the kind words KJ! I love how we support each other when im on air and you're streaming! EVVERYONE be sure to check out Kjs stream, hes a great guy and very knowledgeable about all things farming, both in game and in real life!
Felikx - 23 Oct 2018 17:44
Thank you KJHusson for the awesome guest blog!

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