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RadioJay at Truck Fest Peterborough 2019!

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Day 1:

4am… That’s the time I set off from my flat in Edinburgh, Scotland, to ensure I would make it to Peterborough in time for the gates opening at 9am! Luckily I’m used to the early starts for my job, so no dramas!

I had never been to a Truck Fest before so wasn’t sure if Id enjoy it or not but being a real-life truck driver and growing up around my dad’s trucks, they’ve always been of interest to me, that’s for sure.

With my new SR hoody at the ready and SR Lanyards, promo cards and 100 SR Wristbands to hand out to any listeners I would bump into on site, I set off on the drive, Red Bull in cup holder and the open road ahead… It now turns out I could have had a lie in as I hit no traffic whatsoever and got there early but I always like getting to places ahead of time.

Once I got kitted up with my radio mic, tripod and battery packs I set off into the Truck Fest to see what I could find. As I locked up my car I heard someone shout “Simulator Radio, Your Number One Simulation Station”. I looked around and saw a family smiling over at me and waved back!

The first thing I saw when I got in was a line of American beasts so naturally, I had to get a small video clip onto the SR insta for all our ATS players! There was one thing I was really looking out for though, The SCS ETS2 Simulator Stand. It didn’t take long.

Once there I was lucky enough to meet up with one of my online friends from EHH VTC, Andy. It was great to meet someone I had spoken to and driven with online for so long and we immediately started chatting away.

It wasn’t long until I started to meet other people from the ETS2, TMP community. It was nice to meet some of the presenters from fellow community Radio Station TFM. George, JogR, Skinner, DJ Jay, Sharkie and many more of the team were very welcoming and we hung out for quite a while having a chat and meeting listeners to both our stations, engaging with the community.

I also got to meet Alex, Nemiro and Mr Cenda from SCS alongside Wheezy the Community Manager from Truckers MP and multiple twitch streamers.

Special note to the first listener that approached me for a chat, Aaron from SYG! We had a quick chat and of course he got a free SR wristband!

After spending a good while at the SCS stand a lot of us went for a walk together to check out the numerous trucks on display and visit the model stalls and attempt to resist all the burger vans…. Goodbye diet!

It was at this point I realised that even though I apparently had 4G signal, the data network around the site was clogged and no one could upload anything to social media… This meant that I couldn’t upload as many pictures as I wanted to and it also stopped me from doing a live link up to Buggy and Pret on SR or my twitch stream that was planned for the event. Maybe being cut off from my phone for a while wasn’t a bad thing though!

Later that day, around Midday, simulator community legend Squirrel was due to visit the SCS stand for a meet and greet so of course I ensured I was there to get a pic and say hello from everyone at SR. Paul (Squirrel) was a really easy guy to talk to and we spoke briefly about the station, truck sim and farm sim and exchanged wristbands before I got a selfie and then a big group picture!

Whilst walking around the site again later I was at the Renault stand checking out the interior on a Range T when I noticed another familiar face with a camera crew. It was only bloomin Stavros969 off of YouTube! If you’ve not checked out his channel and you love truck reviews or old and new vehicles, then go do it now… Its all that and more with some cheeky Irish charm!

The rest of the day was spent looking around the site, which was huge by the way, trying not to miss anything special. By the end of the day its safe to say I was pretty tired from my early start and all the walking so with plans to visit the vloggers village on day 2, I went and checked into my hotel before heading off for a BBQ with some of the  people Id met from our community.

Day 2:

After a small lie in and some breakfast at the hotel (nom nom) I headed back to the site for around 11am. Before heading back to the SCS trailer I had a quiet stroll on my own to parts of the site I had yet to look at.

There were so many lovely trucks on show, but I enjoyed snapping pictures of some of the rarer finds amongst the more popular trucks. There were some old classic vehicles from ERF, DAF, Scania and Atkinson etc and some more discontinued models on show, like the Iveco Eurostar 520, the Iveco Strator and a really tidy Foden!

Throughout the event SCS had pre booked VIP visitors to the stand who would bring along their own camera crew and have a go on the simulator. On returning to the SCS trailer I was over the moon to be asked if I wanted to have a go and skip the queue… I felt really guilty, but it would have been rude to refuse so I headed on up with some presenters from TFM and TMP members.

I had great fun on the simulator, even if it was a little bit unnerving at first when it tilted around corners. George pressing random buttons on the controls to make my truck lurch around didn’t help but it was a good laugh! Of course, this was a great opportunity for some more pictures to remember the event with!

After all that excitement I finally gave in to temptation and had a big dirty yummy cheeseburger before heading off to the Truck Vloggers YouTube trailer. I wanted to meet Luke C in an HGV and also Trucker Jay.

I’ve had a few messages during my shows asking if I am Trucker Jay from YouTube and I’ve also seen comments on his videos asking if he DJs on SR, so I wanted to get a selfie to prove were not the same person! Unfortunately, when I wondered over to that part of the site all the vloggers had gone elsewhere so no selfies or chat, but I got a shot of the stand and their trucks anyway!

All in all, I had a really great time. I met lots of you lovely listeners, streamers & You Tubers, staff from different areas of the simulation community and got to represent SR on a whole new level. Without a doubt I will return next year and will hopefully drag some of the SR team with me!

If you’re not already, be sure to follow us on Instagram @simulator_radio for any future event pictures!

Until next time, RadioJay out!


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