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Farming Simulator 19 – What’s new?

A news article.

The new farming simulator is just around the corner, the real question is, what’s new?

Well, Giants Software is doing pre-release streams until November 19th, and this is what we found out so far from watching this video:

Let’s start with what you’ll be driving, don’t worry you have quite the choice with the new farming simulator, with 100 brands and over 300 vehicles available; even a forklift. Oh- but you don’t want to drive, you want to ride, well the game still has you covered with horses available, which can be trained to increase their fitness and even perform better with exercise. Going back to the vehicles, the brands are anything from John Deere tractors, to Man trucks, to a Manitou forklift. When selecting your ride, you even get a 3D viewable model as you swap and change parts to your heart’s desire, whether that is the tyres, your paint job, or even when you get to your additional equipment, where a sprayer can be upgraded to have greater reach.

A little mention for the little things, you can scare off the birds as you tend to your land and they fly away, some of the tractor cab seats also feature functional suspension, to show your farmer as they are moved from side to side as they go about their work, along with the pedals also being more realistic to how you are operating them, with your feat activating the pedals, like you would hope to see as part of a simulator games feature set.

Coming back to equipment, trailers for harvested crops can also be dollied together, to allow for multiple trailers to be moved at the same time. Another notable change for vehicles and equipment (in terms of harvesting) is that time will tell on your collection, as the hours' clock up on vehicles signs of wear and tear will start to show, this is through imperfections like scratches on a tractor, or a hit to the performance of a vehicle. This also applies to your harvest, as older equipment takes a dip in intake of a crop as well.

Moving back from that to the bigger picture, you don’t have to run your own powerhouse of a farm, you could start off as a contractor if you wanted to, taking work from farmers owning plots of land you do not, if you don’t have what you need, that’s ok, lease it, lose a share of the profits and lease the equipment to use for the contract.

Now, the farm. When it comes to running your own land for your farm, you might be quite surprised, you don’t buy fields now, you buy plots of land. You may think, why would I buy plots of land, I only need the fields, this is where it’s changed. As well as managing your fields, you now have “placeables” to create your farm, so you could make your setups for silos, areas for equipment and vehicles storage and even place your own house. So, you won’t just be sorting and upgrading your toolset through vehicles and equipment as you go through, but also with expanding your farm as you see fit.

Interested in seeing more? You're not alone! Join Giants Software on their streams and see what it's like for yourself! 

Happy Farming!


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