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Blue Eyes - A Charity Event

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Eyes. Eyes are so common, so... normal, that you don't really know what you'd do without your sight. Some people are born blind, some are born with a degenerative eye disease, some are born with glaucoma... 

I'm used to growing up with people whose vision is not optimal.

My dad, for instance, was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a genetic disorder that involves the retina to atrophy. Imagine looking around with holes in your vision. You can't see certain things. And you can't stop it. It gets worse every year, right up to the point now where he only has 5% vision.

However, my younger brother was born with glaucoma. Unfortunately it was diagnosed too late but he did get a new lens and he's growing up to be a fine young man. If it weren't for the hospital specializing in special cases - because who gets born with glaucoma?! - his vision would have been worse than it is now. That being said, I do think he sees more than the doctors are making us believe!

Specialised care is so very important, even for something as ordinary as sight. You take it for granted, but you really should not.

Our very own DJ Ollie has decided to raise money for a charity that is very close to his heart; the Moorfields Eye Charity.

Blue Eyes is a Charity Event raising money for the Moorfields Eye Charity.

But, why do we run it?

This charity means a lot to me due to what they do, and what they have done to help me personally. Their work is extraordinary, and changes lives every day.

But they can't do this alone! Moorfields are a specialist eye hospital in London. They deal with all sorts of complex conditions, and as a result see a lot of patients with quite bad eyesight.

After years of little to no eyesight, Great Ormond Street (a children's hospital in London) told me about an experimental lens developed by Moorfields. They told me it was risky, but could give me my sight back.

So I took the risk, and had the surgery. It was very complex, and took 4 hours, but it was successful. And here I am today, typing to you. I am still blind in one eye, and still impaired in the one with the implant, but it has transformed my life, and I'd actually go as far to say, changed it.

- Ollie

On Saturday April 13th, there will be a Truckfest followed by a 12 hour marathon convoy to raise money for this charity.

(all times in BST)

Truckfest- Newcastle, Sea Port- 12:00 PM

Route 1- Newcastle, Sea Port- 13:00 PM

Route 2- Roscoff, Sea Port- 15:15 PM

Route 3- Montpellier, Globeur- 17:30 PM

Hour Break- Zurich- 19:30 PM

Route 4- Zurich, Tree-ET- 20:30 PM

Route 5- Szczecin, ITCC- 22:45 PM

Route 6- Strasborg, WGCC- 01:00 AM

Estimated Finishing Time- Newcastle, Port-  03:00 AM

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ItsHarryUK - 29 Jul 2019 21:52
Great Event!
Ollie - 15 Apr 2019 10:44
Thanks for posting the article buggy, it was an awesome weekend! <3
nachocips - 11 Jun 2019 13:50

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