The Secret Sound 11.02.2018

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The Secret Sound 11.02.2018
« on: February 08, 2018, 08:06:12 pm »
Here will be where all the wrong guesses to the secret sound. New sound started on 11/02/2018

Wrong Guesses:

ETS2 sound effect of the drive click or clicking on radio player
turing on an old tube tv
cutting an apple
cutting on a cutting board
cutting an apple on a wooden chopping board
pencil being rolled on table
hole punch
pulling a jack plug out of an amp
a tennis ball
an axe that destroys a piece of wood
something getting sucked up a vacuum cleaner
drawer closing
a light switch being used
single tap on microphone head
pulling the mic jack out of a pc
it is a shuffleboard
paper cutter
sound a ball hitting a camera
Either switching kettle on or putting kettle on base
ripping paper
Someone poping something
a golf club hiting a golf ball
A lock
A book closing
it is a wooden drawer without any rails closing
a door bolt sliding into place
window opening or closing
sound of a needle on a vinyl jumping picking up dust or a scratch
cupboard closing/door
is it a DJ tapping a mic
Architec compass
Is it a aux lead from a stereo being plugged in to a iPod or something like that
Dropping something on a table
A carrot being cut
an old wooden drawer that has difficulties with closing
a tool being sanded
closing the lid of the coffee cup filter
tapping a lighter on your desk
cricket ball clipping the edge of a bat
a ball that hit jogr's head and now he forgot the real sound
chopping food on a cutting board
When a baseball getts hit
is it a marble rolling off the table
tv remote battery cover being closed
car hitting a bump/ a gun being fired
Jay and JogR bumping their heads into eachother in order to forget the sound so that they can compete themselves
shuffeling a pack of cards
a playing card being flipped or pulled from its deck
a ball being dropped back into its container
hammer on a surface
wooden latch closing
beer bottle or any glass bottle like a beer bottle opening
Minecraft Bow
2 dominoes bumping together
A gate locking
a peace of paper/card sliding into or out of a envelope
a wooden box closing
Tapping a Pen on a table once
a marble hitting the floor or a piece of wood
self retractable blinds
Chucking a dart at a dartboard
something being chopped
a self-made wooden object
Chopping something
someone chopping a carrot
a computer mouse hitting an item on a desk
clicking something on ets2
bouncing a tennis ball
stubbing a toe
match being struck
shoes being wiped on a carpet
putting a knife into a knife block
whittling tool
Some one tapping a phone
jogr hitting his head off something, because It sounds hollow
A billiard ball
a paper cutting machine thingy
lid on donimo closing
chalk marker tool
Cutting a vegetable on a chopping board
closest door closing
someone carving something
JogR handing over the price to me
it is slinding that wooden pin into an IKEA build
a suction cup being pulled off something
Closing a flip case on a phone
closing a syringe thingy
clicking a pen
Is it popcorn.... yummy popcorn popping
Slalom pole/gate that gets hit form the skiers pole
Is it a Door stopper
Windscreen wipers
dropping a knife
A drum being hit whilst being held
Windscreen wipers Sucking through a straw and covering it
knife cutting through cucumber and hitting a wood chopping board
I think the sound is clicking your mouse at ats
cutting card
flicking a microphone
sliding door
taking a lid off of a jar
putting your finger in a pen lid and pulling it out making a pop
a Minecraft button being pressed
an axe Chopping into wood
pickaxe mining
maybe a golf club hitting a ball
a book sliding into a book case
a cupboard door closing
an army boot being flicked
a onion being cut
a ruler
The secret sound is a knife that is cutting something
card sweep
someone licking
taking the lid off an aerosol can or opening the lid off a can
some kind of air cannon maybe airsoft
an object like wood hitting some water with the audio sped up
a tennis ball being hit with a racket
clicking buttons in ets2
A card being flicked onto a table
Car backfiring
a drawer closing
cutting a potato or some other type of vegitable
closing something around you
a chess piece being slid across a chess board
a CD being ejected
A drawer or door closing
A door lock
knife cutting an apple
a master view
a ball being bounced like a squash ball
chucking an object at a wall
someone popping their finger inside their mouth
a Single Tap To A Microphone Head
a laptop closing
a Door stopper
chopping food
Panel adjuster thingy (Volume adjuster)
cutting through a fruit
knife on chopping board
Somebody chopping wood
pen/pencil popping through paper
is it a pencil agenst paper
hitting a tennisball
A chair breaking
chopping a carrot
clicking something on euro truck simulator
Your door against the snow in norfolk
you moving snow off your car
Ping Pong Paddle
a ball hiting a bat
a soccer ball bouncing on the ground
a dispenser of Minecraft
A secret
tennis racket hitting a tennis ball
a firework
taking the lid off a food product
jaw top gettiong opened
two peices of rubber getting clapped together
pringles lid being popped open
duck tape being peeled apart from sth
closing a window
sound is from ATS the sound of clicking the arrows between jobs available
is it you
A basketball bouncing
It's a dart hitting a dartboard
opening a jar and the saftey button popping
A superball bouncing
turning a key in a lock
closing a phone cover
closing the pc screen
dart hitting the board
a plastic ball being hit by a cricket bat
plastic ball bounced on the floor
Is it pressing on the mousepad
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